Korean V Line Face Shaper

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 Double Chin Reduction

✅ V-Face

✅ Tighten Skin

✅ Anti-Aging

One Product for an Effective/Efficient Facial Muscle Exercise for Both Male & Female


How does Korean V Line Face Shaper Work?

Say goodbye to a sagging jawline with excessive facial muscle exercise and synchronized jaw movement. This innovative tool helps you achieve a defined V-shaped face, effortlessly. Simply use for a few minutes each day and watch as your facial muscles become toned. Try it now and experience the amazing results in a natural way. 

Most Important Benefits!

This innovative product uses synchronized jaw movement and facial muscle exercise to reduce the appearance of a double chin and sculpt your face into a V shape.

✅Have a youthful, lifted appearance! This innovative tool effectively tightens facial skin, giving you the coveted V-shaped jawline. With regular use, you can enjoy a more defined, contoured look that will have you feeling confident.

✅This is a Natural way to uplift your face without any problems! It is safe and easy to use, say goodbye to expensive and risky surgical procedures and hello to a more confident you.


1. Keep refreshing at all times, lift and tighten facial lines

2. Exercise the face through stretching exercises to reduce the masseter muscle and lift the apple muscle

3. 2 times a day, 2-3 minutes each time

4. Washable but not autoclavable

5. Improve nasolabial folds

6. Improve crow's feet and make the face look younger

7. Thin face V face artifact

How To Use?

Simply Breathe In & Out Everyday For 3-4 Minutes Twice a day, 
Take breaks while exercising if feel tired, you do not have to do it non-stop.

Rinse With Water Before Use!

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